The DeadEndRoad Show #71: Business!!!!!

The DeadEndRoad Show #71: Business!!!!!

Our stock continues to rise, and the business opportunities are flooding our inbox. Get in on the ground-floor while you can, there are only so many euros to go around…

Dead Wrong brings us an update on the chess cheating scandal with some answers, some more questions, and a conclusion for now. Moogle sees Bill in yet another JRPG predicament as he laments Atlus’ poor decision making and needs to make some decisions of his own. Or will he let fate decide? Ooooh mysterious…

Later we discuss David Cronenberg’s latest, Crimes of the Future. What does the world look like after it has decayed and humans evolve extra organs?

Other topics: Overwatch 2 gets worse, Steam Deck updates, Joe Biden walks back any progressive statement he makes, and more.

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