The DeadEndRoad Show #91: Real Life Anime Woman

The DeadEndRoad Show #91: Real Life Anime Woman

It’s spooky season, and that means our Horror Harvest is back again to bring you the scares and movie takes you’ve come to know. Which are worse for your health? This time we’ve got Evil Dead (2013), and it’s hard not to compare it to the original The Evil Dead, especially if you watch them back to back.

Later we have a Dead Letter that makes Bill question everything he’s ever done in his life, some Dating is Dead picks that make him spiral further, and some Worst Beats in the World that make him want to give up entirely.

And we round out the show with a discussion of Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 update, and cyberpunk as a genre and where the three meet, diverge, and perhaps don’t mesh as well as they are supposed to.

Intro/Robotripping 0:00-4:50
Evil Dead (2013) 4:51-31:39
Ian’s Recent Horror Rundown 32:00-38:13
Dead Letters: Conspiracy Edition 38:14-45:31
Dating is Dead: Wasteland Edition 45:32-53:16
Worst Beats in the World: Viral Edition 53:17-1:07:47
Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Cyberpunk2077, Cyberpunk the genre 1:07:48-1:27:56
Outro 1:27:57-1:30:19

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