What's New With DeadEndRoad Media

Hey there. It’s probably felt a little quiet on this feed for a while. The blogs and reviews have definitely slowed down in the past year and change.

But if you’ve kept up with what’s going on with DeadEndRoad Video or Publishing, you can in all likelihood guess why. In the last year we relaunched our podcast, aptly named The DeadEndRoad Show, where you can get a fix of strange web stories, critical media analysis, and me delving into whatever weird obsession I have in a given week.

And I do mean a given week. The show has been going weekly (new episodes every Wednesday) for almost about a year now. I’m immensely proud of the show, and I feel it is getting better both from a technical quality and from a personal perspective. We’ve been trucking along on Season 2 which is an arbitrary distinction. Give it a listen if you need something new to listen to during your workday or need an hour to kill.

As for DeadEndRoad Publishing, it should comes as no surprise that the pandemic messed up a lot of plans we had for the continued promotion and sale of our first release, Fred’s First Adventure. While a lot of effort and care was poured into the ebook versions of Fred, it’s a children’s hardcover picture book that’s meant to be seen and held and shared in person. Our plans for trade shows and craft fairs and everything else to get the book physically in readers’ hands couldn’t happen. And that we’re a microscopic drop in the ocean compared to the lingering effects of the pandemic on everyone, please don’t mistake any of this for whining.

Right now, we’re gearing up for our next releases. Tentatively, we’re preparing for at least four new releases. Two under our Marigold Street Press children’s imprint, a mixed-genre work, and a digital-only release. Watch this space and the DeadEndRoad Publishing pages for more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I’m planning to post a couple more product reviews to this feed in the near-future. Though I must say that a lot of my critical-analysis-brain has been occupied by the podcast and client work for DeadEndRoad Publishing (indie authors, get in touch!)

That’s about it as far as updates go for now. Thanks for reading and caring.

-Bill Stevens

Editor, DeadEndRoad